Precision Blades Card
Team Skate Sharpening

Precision Blades offers a convenient program to address your team’s skate sharpening needs! Our program allows you to drop off your teams’ skates all at once and have them prepped for your next big game. With our team skate sharpening program, every player gets a Precision Blades Card to clip to their skates. Then all you have to do is load all the skates in a bag, drop them off, and we’ll take care of rest!

When you sign up, you will receive:
  • Pre-loaded Precision Blades card (shown above)
  • FIVE sharpens for just $5
  • Equivalent of $2 off per pair each time
  • Card can be loaded with any amount

Price: $25/card

* Designate a coach, parent, or other member of your team to handle the skate drop-off and pick-up and that person will earn FIVE free skate sharpens!