Sharpening and Related Services
Maximum Edge

Precision Blades is a Maximum Edge Member and will incorporate their profiling system and patented finish process. All Profiles and Radius of hollow are matched to each customer. All Precision Blades operators have completed the Maximum Edge training program. Precision Blades will offer the best skate maintenance program to their customers including blade and holder changes, skate baking, punching, stretching and rivet and eyelet replacement to ensure that customers get the maximum performance form their skates.


Precision Blades will also carry the full line of Step Skating Blades (Step Steel). Step Steel is a unique skate runner made for all of the major skate manufacturers holders. It's uniqueness is in the shape and consistency of the runner itself. Step blades are an 1/8th inch higher than traditional runners. They are also consistently shaped with a higher heel. Step Steel is also an excellent alternative for customers to replace their runners once they have been worn down and the boot itself has not.

Underarmour Bite-Tech

Mouthpieces have two primary purposes—to protect your teeth and prevent concussions. That’s why virtually every contact sport program has a mandatory mouthpiece policy.

In addition to these two critical benefits, mouthpiece technology may deliver one more advantage. Would you believe a mouthpiece can actually improve performance? It has been found that a custom-fitted and specially-designed mouthpiece, one that pushes the jaw forward and prevents teeth from clenching together, relieves pressure on the TM joint (where the jaw attaches to the skull), thereby reducing excess cortisol, a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal gland. Cortisol impairs performance by heightening stress, increasing fatigue and breaking down muscle. Further studies have shown that wearing an Under Armour mouthpiece increases strength (up to 20 percent), endurance and reaction time, while also reducing stress and impact. Precision Blades will have impressions taken by a dental professional at our store.

Cleaning Services
Fresh Gear

Sports padding for hockey players, football players and lacrosse players, for example, are the ideal breeding ground for trouble. A strong odor is usually the result of a mixture of sweat, mucus, blood, dirt, and other substances, which create the perfect environment for bacteria, mold, and fungus to thrive in.

Good health shouldn't be a luxury. Fresh Gear services can protect your health. Using Fresh Gear services regularly helps: (1) eliminate odor-causing bacteria (2) reduce the risk of infection and (3) prolong the life of your sports gear. It's one of the best decisions an athlete can make!