Maximum Edge
Skate Maintenance
Skate Sharpening $7.00     Skate Bake $10.00  
Goal Skate Sharpening 10.00     Skate Stretch 15.00  
Step Steel 60.00 /pair   Skate Punch 15.00  
Skate Blade Profile 40.00     Rivet Replacement 1.00 /rivet
Profile Adjustment 25.00          
Hockey Helping Items
Maximum Edge Walkers $25.00     Skate Fenders, Large $65.00  
Maximum Edge Travel Kit 35.00     Skate Fenders, Small 60.00  
Maximum Edge Trainers Stone 20.00     Renfrew Hockey Tape 5.00  
Maximum Edge Small Stone 10.00     Glaze Refill 5.00  
        Laces 4.00  
Fresh Gear
Fresh Gear Sanitizing
20-minute cleaning session $35.00
30-minute cleaning session 40.00
40-minute cleaning session 50.00
60-minute cleaning session 60.00

* Sanitizing price is per set of equipment, bag included.

* Time of cleaning session will be determined by how bad gear smells.

Mouthguards and Accessories
Armourbite Mouthguard $300.00     Antimicrobial Boil-n-Bite $29.99  
Armourbite Mouthpiece (Lower) 300.00     Customize (Name & Number) 10.00  
Underarmour Mouthguard 160.00     Mouthguard Case 9.99  
Armourbite Boil-n-Bite 59.99     Mouthguard Strap 9.99  
Armourbite Boil-n-Bite Mouthpiece 59.99     Freshener Spray 7.99  

* Visit the "UNDERARMOUR MOUTHGUARDS" tab to learn more.

Shock Doctor
Shock Doctor Mouth guard for Athletes with Braces $20.00
Hockey Jerseys

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