Mouth Guards: Protect Yourself. Protect Your Athletes
Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here at Precision Blades, we are committed to the health and safety of our athletes. We are pleased to announce that we have added a wider variety of athletic mouth guards to serve the various needs of our patrons.

We are increasing our Shock Doctor inventory by adding the popular Gel Max guard. This product is a boil and bite design and will be available in youth and adult sizes for $9.99. Boil and Bite guards are a nice option for those athletes who may have many loose baby teeth, or for the person who may treat their appliance as a “chewy”. The downside of this design is that they usually do not fit ideally and they can make communication difficult to say the least.

The most protective and comfortable guard is the custom fitted mouthguard. We have recently partnered with a local laboratory in order to provide custom fitted mouth guards for $75. Impressions for the mouthguard may be taken at Precision Blades, or at our orthodontic partners in Grosse Pointe or Birmingham. Call the store in order to set up an appointment at the location of your choice.

Henrik Zetterberg wearing his Under Armour Mouth Guard

For a wider variety of mouthguard colors, customization and performance options, we continue to carry our Under Armour Performance line. These mouth guards start at $160 and have a nice “cool” factor in addition to the benefits of the custom appliance.

Mouthguards are mandatory in most youth sports. We can make a mouth guard for any sport you play, especially hockey, lacrosse and football. If you have any questions about the guard that may be best for you or your athlete, please email me at . I would be happy to review your situation and recommend the best mouth guard for you.

Dr. Tom Gebeck, Jr.